Self - Care For Couples


January 07 2023 555 Views

Self-care is gaining popularity day by day among people. Work, stress, and the difficulties of life become much more manageable when we learn to care for ourselves and recharge our souls. The recharging and rejuvenating of our life are not only for ourselves but also for our significant others. Couples frequently fall into routines or have a constant stream of, un-energizing habits, if not unhealthy. Life's stress and day-to-day hassles often take a toll on couples. Work, household chores, and kids can consume one or both members of the couple making them put their life as a couple on the back burner. New things come up regarding how couples spend time together. While people feel lonely when their partner is away for a business, one can feel even lonelier if they are sitting next to us but looking at their phone or laptop instead of having a conversation.

Often, when it comes to self-care, we need to distinguish between activities that recharge us and those that give us momentary comfort but they are overall unhealthy. Each person in the relationship has different ways of looking after themselves. It should be noted that what is good for one person in a relationship does not necessarily imply that it is good, helpful, or even healthy for the other. So, while it takes time and practice to figure out how to care for oneself, it takes even more time and practice to figure out how to care for your relationship and your partner. Self-care should be both a solo activity and one that is shared and reflected upon with your partner. Self-care is beneficial, but it is also important to consider how your partner perceives the ideas and think of activities that you can do with them and some that you do by yourself. 

Some self-care ideas for couples can be: 

  1. Set aside a self-care day every month
  2. Put together a couple's self-care kit
  3. Invest in personal development for couples
  4. Create a couples of vision board
  5. Set goals together
  6. Have a “no social media” day – unplug and unwind
  7. Team up to check off a big item on your to-do list
  8. Enjoy a couple of massage
  9. Don’t miss date night
  10. Work out together
  11. Read a book and discuss it with each other
  12. Go for nature walks regularly
  13. Pray together
  14. Help each other complete an item on their bucket list
  15. Cook a fancy homemade meal
  16. Plan an intimate vow renewal
  17. Spend quality time with kids and grandkids
  18. Plan a romantic trip
  19. Do something new that makes you both happy
  20. Give back by volunteering together at a religious place, schools or orphanages etc
  21. Get each other a comfy pair of pajamas as a gift
  22. Invest in a pair of quality pillows
  23. Discover then practice each other’s love language like affirmations, quality time, gifting, the act of service, and physical touch
  24. Paint together at home or at an art gallery
  25. Plan your dream vacation together
  26. Learn a new skill together like social media, video editing, etc.
  27. Play a two-person sport
  28. Take turns making breakfast in bed for each other
  29. Curl up and cuddle with a regular movie date
  30. Take care of each other’s chores from time to time

Relationship care, like self-care, is an ongoing process that requires periodic reviews and evaluations to determine what works and what needs to be tweaked. But, in the end, a stronger and more supportive couple unit produces a stronger and more supportive individual (or two). Seeking couples therapy can help you explore these issues and gain feedback on how to improve your relationship care.  Couple Counselling allows for more time and space to discuss these issues and examine what is working in the relationship's favor and what is draining energy. A relationship counsellor can also assist in the development of a common language to help couples see eye to eye. best  relationship counsellors through online counselling can assist in identifying key issues, challenges, expectations, worksheets, and exercises for guided journeys to happy and healthy relationships.