Self-care For Personal Growth


July 27 2022 401 Views

Taking measured steps towards self-improvement is an important goal both personally and professionally in our result-oriented society. We need to learn and master new skills regularly to attend to our own self-care. Some of the steps for self- care can be starting a new career or seeking a new skill at the workplace, going back to school/college, moving on from any major loss etc. Even though these changes are substantial and have a big impact on our life and success, the journey forward can be stressful or meaningful depending upon our ability to handle such situations. Self-care is vital for personal growth and development. Making choices that promote our physical and emotional health will help us achieve the goals we have set for our self. According to the top psychologists in India, practicing self care, focusing on yourself and taking time to rest, reflect, replenish and renew is important and necessary for personal growth. 

Signs of Personal Growth


Things that can be added up for personal growth can be stress free life, a more compassionate attitude toward self and others, and a strategy based on long-term, sustainable growth rather than transient immediate gratification. 


Here are some signs that you are progressing: 

  • You are spending more time with a small group of people who we adore and who adore us.

  • Your determination to achieve your goals shields us from fear and self-doubt.

  • You are more sympathetic to the plights of others.

Before you go too far, we can catch our self sinking into resentment or hopelessness. When we need extra energy or positivity, we can rely on a toolbox of healthy habits. Scheduling specific windows of self-care will go a long way toward assisting you in achieving your goals and building and maintaining relationships. Meeting up with friends, accepting help from others, allowing an occasional treat and scheduling time to relax and go to the gym are all examples of self-care.

Here are some tips for self-care for personal growth:

  1. Go outside to simply observe nature.

  2. Try an outdoor workout like jogging, cycling, running etc

  3. Pay it forward or making plan of finances in advance

  4. Breathe the right scents and perfume that make you feel good

  5. Stress less by being present in right now 

  6. Be mindful and doing mindful practice of eating, drinking, sleeping etc

  7. Be happy by enjoying every task

  8. Meditate regularly for 5 minutes

  9. Dance around your friends in club or solo at home

  10. Eat more fruits and veggies

  11. Laugh out loudly- practice Laughter Yoga

  12. Look at something cute, artistic creature and creation of nature

  13. Get enough sleep for at least 6 hours

  14. Go on a trip may be solo or couple trip

  15. Writing in a journal about your thoughts, feeling and behaviour

  16. Learn to enjoy the moment.

  17. Setting goals is the most effective way to keep moving forward in life and ensure that you can achieve your dreams.

  18. Make a point of writing down your goals as you set them.

  19. Do vision board exercise

  20. Take a moment to do self-reflection and figure out what is most important for you.


Counselling, including individual therapy or coaching, can assist you to learn about various hidden potential, weaknesses of yourself that you may be unaware of and assist you in setting new goals for your behaviour or habits. Self-growth is one of the most common reasons for people to seek therapy or online counselling. If you are unsure where to begin, counselling can help you identify areas of your life that could be considered for improvement and development like developing critical thinking, problem solving, and being mindful. 


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