Self – Care For Queer


January 07 2023 562 Views

Self-care for mental health can look very different for each individual. A night in with a good book and a hot bath could completely rejuvenate you. Being with the people you care about around you may be just what you need. Some people look after their plants and others play loud music and dance around their bedrooms. Whatever your preferences are, there is no one way to feel good. It is only important that you are aware of the mental health self-care strategies that work for you and the resources that are available to you. While everyone can benefit from taking some time to focus on their mental health, as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, you may have experiences that a cisgender heterosexual person cannot understand or will never even face firsthand. Growing up in a world where you can face rejection, hatred, and even violence simply for being yourself can have a significant impact on your well-being. Constantly hearing that LGBTQ+ people around the world are at an increased risk of hate crimes or having their rights revoked can also indirectly impact your mental health.

According to top psychologists in India, LGBTQ+ people may suffer mental health consequences as a result of homophobia, biphobia or transphobia, rejection, isolation, and discrimination. However, not everyone in the LGBTQ+ community has experienced discrimination or struggles with mental health in the same way. It is all too easy to justify our feelings by claiming that someone else has it worse. You, on the other hand, deserve to be heard and supported.

Whether you've had a bad day, are feeling down, or just want to relax, here are some self-care tips: 

  • Stay in touch with your body
  • Staying creative is a fun use of your time
  • Get good sleep
  • Always try something new 
  • Quieting the mind through meditation 
  • Intentionally moving the body
  • Listening to affirming music
  • Connecting to other queer folks 
  • Showering as a form of healing and restoration
  • Cooking and baking to channel sadness or stress
  • Cleaning and organizing spaces like your home, room or closet.
  • Gaming as an escape
  • Getting closer to nature
  • Celebrate your accomplishments
  • Journal: what’s on your mind
  • Establish personal boundaries

As you venture out into the world in pursuit of your heart’s desire, you are met with a variety of obstacles. The world can be cruel, especially to those labeled "queer." However, keep your head up and look after yourself.

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