Self-Care For Students


July 06 2022 Mr. Utkarsh Yadav 212 Views

As a student one is curious to know self, explore world, one need to balance grades, engage with friends, focus on personal life, and engage with family.Recognizing the health issues which has been confronted on account of Covid resulting into an extended period of isolation, separation from social groups and online academic classes, students are facing dilemmaof facing real life challenges, concepts, and practices thereby not able to prioritize things in life and move forward.Thus, being a student is not easy as it might seems to other.

Paying attention to physical and psychological health might be something which cannot be ignored. And therefore, engaging in self-care activities and practices on regular basis is important to maintain good mental health and physical wellbeing.

Here are some self-care tips, which you could follow to balance different aspects of life that you consider is important:

For your physical wellbeing:

  • For right mindset and healthy body, eat nutritiously and engage yourself in any sports or physical activities.
  • Practice breathing exercise and Yoga, marital art, etc.
  • Set your bed-time and wake-up time to get a healthy routine.
  • Minimize eating junk food.
  • Avoid being cramped up in your room for too long, spend some time outside, move your body, and let yourself have some sunlight.

For your emotional wellbeing:

  • Take care of your mental hygiene as you do to your physical hygiene bygive some me time to yourself and reflect on your personal life and future.
  • Reorganise your living space/wardrobes/study-table in such a way that helps you calms your mind and give a soothing feel.
  • Dress yourself well and wear outfits that make you feel great about your and boost your confidence.
  • Practice writing your thoughts in meaningful way.

For your academic wellbeing:

  • Extended hours of study may reduce the quality of your learning, take short breaks say for 5-10 mins to stretch your body and regain focus. Make sure you don’t get carried away during those breaks ..!!
  • Schedule time-defined achievable goals to reduce delaying off or putting off important task.
  • Identify a good book and increase reading habits.
  • List down your strengths and weaknesses, and accordingly give time to subjects/courses

For you social wellbeing:

  • Create healthy boundaries, to give importance of what your like and what your interests are.
  • Internet is no doubt a fun place to engage with friends, but meeting and keeping in touch with your friends physically is something much better to relax and have fun with.
  • Take care of the feeds on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, or any other social media platform. Follow positive accounts that boost your morale and inspires you to take care of yourself and do good in life.
  • Embrace your parents/care-givers/family members and their emotions, laugh with them, cry with them and have fun with them.

If you think you are worried about anything, or feeling difficulty in coping with the complexity of anything that you are going through, talk to someone whom your trust and are sure that they won’t judge you. It could be your parents, siblings, friends, family members and teachers who can help you to gain a perspective in life. TalktoAngel, one of the best online counselling platforms is here with you, with its team of best psychologists in India, therapists, and career counsellors who can help you in resolving conflicts in life and lead you towards better self-care. Online Counsellors, psychologists at TalktoAngel can guide you in directing towards self-care practices and help you take care of your mental health by yourself.