Self-Care Tips For A “365 Day Job”: Motherhood


January 07 2023 TalktoAngel 694 Views


Self-care is taking care of self, to be precise, personal time. For a woman with kids trying to have a self – time and wanting to take self–care is not a mistake or a reason to escape household chores.  Self–care is important to every human being, especially mothers.

Mothers; be it any name or language we call them by, are always busy running around children doing household chores, even managing work and home while making sure everything is good to go, etc. They too need their time and space to ensure care for themselves. Read out some quick & useful tips for practical use for ‘Self-Care for Mothers’:

1. Take a Quick Walk in Fresh Air:

While you might be quite busy with household chores, taking time for physical activity is very important. Step out in your jogging shoes and take a quick walk. You may even step out on your feet to the nearby grocery store or buy other essentials. This shall ensure the completion of household shopping and some physical self-care.

2. Join an Online Course:

While technology has advanced to bring everything to your doorstep, make full use of this opportunity. Join a fun online class- maybe a cookery class, Zumba, or yoga or indulge in some DIY activity for giving yourself mental relaxation.

3. Practice Meditation:

Irrespective of the working field, stress, and tiredness could engulf one. At times, the mind could be more stressed than the body. Learn to practice the art of meditation for mental relaxation.

4. Connect back with your Old Hobby:

It is important to love what you do. Many times, as mothers we tend to give up on our old hobbies. Try to connect back with one of those. This shall make you feel happy emotionally and mentally.

5. Designate time between “Home” and “Work":

If you are a working mother, try to leave the office while at home and concentrate on your personal life. Bringing home the office workplace stress might hamper your personal relations and your mental health.

6. Care for your Mental Health:

Caring for self means, taking care of mental health too. You may connect with a therapist, online counsellors, or the top psychologist in India online for online counselling and seek expert advice because ‘mental health care matters’. TalktoAngel, the best online counselling website understands and caters to the need for online counselling for women. Their basket of the best psychologists in India, therapists, and online counselors understand the need and requirements and provide solution-oriented and comfortable online counselling.