Self-Care Tips While At Work From Home


January 07 2023 TalktoAngel 661 Views

Amidst this pandemic, working from home at first seemed very comfy and agreeable but with moving time it has got very noxious. Constant deadlines, meetings, phone calls and of course the never-ending screen time has turned to be a devil to our mental and physical health. We are constantly thinking about the submissions, file transfers, meetings so much that these thoughts intervene even in our quality time. Thus, while even undertaking ‘work while at home’, it’s important to give immense care and abundant affection to our mind and body.

Most of us have come across the word “Self-Care” numerous times. What does it mean? Apparently, it is something that you do for yourself to enhance your overall physical and mental well-being It helps individuals to promote their health, prevent and control sickness, bring relaxation and satisfaction and combat various stressors.

A very common myth that people hold about Self-Care is that it requires investment in terms of money and time. But in reality, it is not just about expensive shopping and a day to the spa retreat, but rather revolves more around bringing a positive change in lifestyle by taking into account one’s hygiene, nutrition, sleep cycle, leisure time, etc. Some basic life alterations can turn the tables for good making you feel refreshed and rejuvenated to carry your day out with intense motivation and enthusiasm.

Self-Care at work is essential and if practiced regularly could lead to various benefits such as:

a. building immunity;
b. resilience,
c. releasing stress;
d. increased self-worth.

With many benefits attached, it can be genuinely advantageous to practice self-care, especially in the middle of the work schedule. There are ways through which one could make the entire working experience way more clean, enjoyable, satisfactory, and even healthy. There are some quick hacks that are barely time-consuming and do not hurt your pockets.

1. Learn to say ‘No’:

A very important step is to plan your day effectively whereby one must learn to say ‘no’ to pouring work and draw a line to limit the ‘To Do List’.

2. Engage in Deep Breathing & Some Stretching Every Hour:

Our muscles can get really rigid by sitting in the same space, so stretching our bodies and engaging in deep breathing after every hour can help us restore our energy.

3. Drink at least 3 Litres of Water while Working:

We often tend to neglect our water consumption and may forget to sip some of it leading to dehydration and fatigue. One way to overcome this is by keeping a jar or bottle full of water right by your side. Keep a journal or a book that keeps count of your liquid intake.

4. Take a ‘Quick Break’ during  Work:

It is satisfying to give a clean ‘tick’ on boxes when you gulp the desired amount of water. “All work no play makes Jack the dull boy” is certainly not false. Do give time to your personal hobbies, interests, and values. It is always better to take something up that’s not digital in nature such as reading a book, dancing, stitching, painting, playing a sport, exercising, cooking, walking along with music, and having real talks with friends or family. Such activities can be stimulating and help you not get drained by work.

5. Take Good & Sound Sleep:

Our body needs rest and one should not compromise on it. It is vital sticking to a healthy sleep schedule where one is getting a minimum of 7 hours of sleep.

6. Refer to Online Counselling for Workplace Stress:

While at times all the tips might work and yield good results, at times professional advice or suggestion might help too. While being at the comfort of home, refer to online counselling for workplace stress and seek guidance for overcoming stress and taking self-care of your mind and body at work. In the current times, multiple online counselling platforms offer affordable, confidential, and secure online counseling and online therapy services that have helped individuals find solutions and feel better mentally.

Because work is important but so are you. Never compromise your health and well-being. Self-care is certainly the best care and don’t fall short in giving yourself the basic love that you need to flow through the rocks.

Take Care, Take Self-Care