Parenting Counselling

With no judgment or bias, parent counselling attempts to give you information, direction, resources, and emotional support.

Parenting Counselling


Parenting counseling, also known as parent counseling or parental guidance, is a form of therapeutic intervention that provides support and guidance to parents or caregivers in their parenting role.

Focus theme / core-concept

Parent counseling is centered on assisting parents and caregivers in developing effective parenting skills, improving communication with their children, and addressing various challenges associated with raising children at different developmental stages. It covers key areas such as behavior management, co-parenting, parental well-being, child development, attachment, and handling specific parenting issues. Additionally, it provides guidance for blended families, encourages understanding of parenting styles, and emphasizes the importance of self-care. Cultural sensitivity is considered, ultimately aiming to help parents create nurturing and supportive family environments for their children.


The primary goal of parenting counseling is to help parents develop effective parenting strategies, improve communication with their children, and enhance the parent-child relationship.


Parenting counseling emerged in the 20th century as psychology and family therapy gained prominence. It evolved to recognize the significance of parenting on child development, drawing from attachment theory and various therapeutic approaches. Today, parenting counseling offers specialized support to parents, helping them develop effective strategies and improve the parent-child relationship, with a growing emphasis on cultural sensitivity and tailored guidance for diverse families.


Education and Information, Behavioral Techniques, Communication Skills, Role-Playing, Attachment-Based Interventions, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy(CBT), Parent Support Groups, Problem-Solving Strategies, Parenting Plans, Cultural Sensitivity, Mindfulness and Stress Management, Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT)