Mrs. Molly  George



About me

Mrs Molly George is a very experienced Psychologist with over thirty years of exposure to psychological problems in all domains ranging from Dyslexia and childhood issues to acute psychotic issues, based in Kerala.She is proficient in four languages and hence can effectively handle clients through out the country and abroad. Basing herself in sound academics, with research and academic degrees in Psychology and Counselling, Mrs Molly has been a practising Psychologist right from College days. She possesses a good network of professionals where the cases can be appropriately guided to. Apart from being in clinical practice, she had been a Panelist as a Psychologist in a popular Malayalam TV Channel for several episodes. Mrs Molly George's services will offer total mental health solutions to any client to his/her utmost satisfaction.

Languages known

English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil

Area of expertise

Addiction, ADHD, Anger, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Child & Adolescent, Depression, OCD, Parenting, Phobia, Relationship, Self Improvement, Sexual Dysfunction, Stress, Workplace

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