Ms. Akshita  Shukla


Clinical Psychologist

About me

I had first been introduced to Psychology in Class 11 and that’s where I started developing an interest in this field. Since then, I have been on a quest to understand people, their emotions, psyche, actions/behaviour and their understanding about themselves and others. Also, how I can contribute in helping them develop those skills or a better environment that would give them the power to strive and deal with their problems effectively, thus, helping them in becoming a better individual. This journey has helped me to work on myself and evolves as a better human being. In order to thrive, I did my Under Graduation in Human Development, then went on to pursue Masters in Clinical Psychology and later M.Phil in Clinical Psychology. This journey has also taught me that irrespective of who we are and what we do, each one of us faces pressure/stress regularly. The ground reality is that such situations are unavoidable. Some succeed while others crumble under it. But, what one really fails to understand is that pressure can be seen as a positive force that can be used to redefine our lives. It’s not only the pressure but how we respond to it that determines its effect on us. Thus, my main motto is to reduce the distress and help the client to improve their psychological well-being. Using methods and research, I try to make positive changes in their lives and offer various forms of psychological treatments.

Languages known

English, Hindi

Area of expertise

ADHD, Anger, Anxiety, Child & Adolescent, Depression, Parenting, Relationship, Self Improvement, Stress

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