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About me

Dr R K Suri is a trained professional chartered clinical psychologist, having more than 36 years of experience in hypnotherapy, psychoanalysis, neuro-psychological assessment, career counselling, relationship management. Has been providing career counselling globally and has been providing counselling at IITs, IIMs, SPAs, for admission to Universities in the US, UK, Australia etc. Relationship management for persons to provide the breakthrough in life. Internationally recognized in the field of Cognitive Neuropsychology & Brain Neuroplasticity and Highly Specialized in the field of learning disabilities. Dr Suri is leading Relationship Psychologist and Sexologist. Dr Suri is a highly respected professional in the field of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Cognitive Hypnotherapy (CH), which combines gradual hypnosis with CBT. He is also an expert in the Neuro-linguistic Programme. He is also qualified in Logo therapy developed by neurologist and Psychiatrist Viktor Frankl a survivor of the Holocaust of World War II. Logo therapy combines Freudian psychoanalysis and Alderian Individual Therapy and clients are able to overcome mental health issues without medication. Depression, Urban Loneliness, Sadness and Mental Well Being - will be the greatest challenge in the coming years & in his opinion - crucial and should not be ignored. These can be remediated with correct guidance and Therapy and - He encourages everyone not to suppress feelings - but seek out help, which can be provided with extreme confidentiality. Grief Counselling when a loved one passes on from this world and - is IGNORED in India is another aspect he believes should be delicately handled with appropriate Therapy and he encourages clients to come forward for assistance - to overcome this sad period. Dr Suri was the First Traffic Psychologist of India, was instrumental in setting up Psycho assessment Center for Special Protection Group set up than PM Shri Rajeev Gandhi. Prof. Suri is the acclaimed motivational guru for positive thinking, attitude, and behaviour. He has provided career counselling to more than 20000 students in more than 15 countries.

Languages known

English, Hindi, Punjabi

Area of expertise

Addiction, ADHD, Anger, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Child & Adolescent, Depression, OCD, Parenting, Phobia, Physical Health, Relationship, Self Improvement, Sexual Dysfunction, Sleep, Stress, Workplace


  Salil Choubey

Reviewed on 20-10-2020

The video had some issue but the session itself was helpful.

  Sohil Shah

Reviewed on 19-10-2020

Very helpful


Reviewed on 03-10-2020


  Charika Gandhi

Reviewed on 29-09-2020

Good session could have given 5 mins set up time

  Saurabh Digant

Reviewed on 26-09-2020

Good Session

  Alex Tharakan

Reviewed on 26-09-2020

Good session with Dr Suri

  gaurav lohia

Reviewed on 18-09-2020

Good listener and advisor

  Viraj Nistane

Reviewed on 17-09-2020

Thanks a lot!

  Sheeba Clement

Reviewed on 31-08-2020

Fantastic session, very information, much appreciated Dr.Suri. Thank you.

  Jaskaran Juneja

Reviewed on 20-07-2020


  kanika tuteja

Reviewed on 07-07-2020

A very interactive and good session

  shreya sawa

Reviewed on 06-07-2020

thank you

  Pratap Verma

Reviewed on 27-06-2020

thank you sir

  Vinay Kumar

Reviewed on 25-06-2020

Very nice

  Aswini Priya Ganesh

Reviewed on 23-06-2020

very understanding and good way of explaining things which made a great impact.

  Suryansh Srivastava

Reviewed on 13-06-2020

Most of the time was spent listening. would have appreciated some intermittent feedback. but that might be because of me blabbering the whole while (probably due to one of the identified issues of confabulaton). The problems were summarized pretty well at the end of the session and required habits/practices were suggested. Hoping for productive further sessions.

  bharat tiwari

Reviewed on 06-06-2020

Very helpful doctor . thank you

  Samar shom

Reviewed on 03-06-2020


  Mugdha Chopra

Reviewed on 21-05-2020

it was a good session,but need more help on getting rid of my obsessions and fight and flight mode with my mother in law. I get haunted by this and flashes.


Reviewed on 14-05-2020

Session was nice. I feel relieved

  Dinesh Kumar

Reviewed on 14-05-2020

It was very nice session.


Reviewed on 29-04-2020


  Akshat Verma

Reviewed on 23-04-2020



Reviewed on 22-04-2020

Thankyou! Great inbuilt video

  Ujjvala kanungo

Reviewed on 27-03-2020

I will work on the work given to me . Thank you

  Sunil Kumar

Reviewed on 01-03-2020

It was a very good session

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