Mrs. Jaya  singh


Counselling Psychologist

About me

I am a mental and behavioural health counsellor. I can work with patients with diverse backgrounds and age groups. I have excellent communication and listening skills. I am able to understand clients confidentiality and professional boundaries. As a caring professional with a background in Psychology and two years of counselling experience, I believe that I am well suited for this position. I take pride in providing care to each client with compassion because some clients don't get them from home. I counselled many clients who feel anxiety and stress, even phobia and some from broken homes. I have also had experience in couple Counseling. I took client concerns very seriously. I can interact with children and teenagers. I know very well that how to show empathy and an interest in helping people. Above all else, I am a knowledgeable and effective mental and behavioural health counsellor. I approach Counseling from a Cognitive behavioural view.

Languages known

English, Hindi

Area of expertise

Addiction, ADHD, Anger, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Bullying, Child and Adolescent, Depression, Parenting, Phobia, Relationship, Self Improvement, Sleep, Stress, Workplace

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