How to Cultivate Mindful Patriotism in a Democratic Country?

How to Cultivate Mindful Patriotism in a Democratic Country?

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Patriotism is feeling of love, devotion, attachment, service, humility and gratitude towards one’s nation, country and its citizen. By definition, patriotism entails love, adoration for the nation, its citizens, its rules, its resources, and its freedom. Indian patriotism is based on the premises of an unconditional love towards our diverse culture, a dedication to their overall wellbeing, and belief in India’s multicultural, pluri-religious society.

Before our freedom struggle and start of nationalist movement, there was no true concept of a shared national identity or a desire for nationhood. However, once we acquired independence, the idea of India, a single five-letter word was filled with love, passion, pride, devotion, desire, valour, and even more love. Independence embedded India and its rich cultural diversity and religious pluralism with a dominant inspiration for living a society engulfed with tolerance of all.

The basis of our newly achieved independence or “swaraj” became not just about our rights but our sense of duty towards oneself and our fellow citizens, which has also been enshrined in our constitution. The idea of India patriotism evolved from being self-sacrificing to becoming more responsible towards our society and culture. It was the time to empowering the masses by reassuring their lost sense of self and identity, and derive courage and inspiration from historic moments of the past. The strength of mind, power of goodness and education for all for laid down for the youth to build strong character, become self-reliant, face challenges of life and live a more meaningful and contended life. 

This Independence Day when people of India are celebrating “Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav” to commemorate 75 years of independence, lets now understand how can an individual build their character for fostering and strengthening national identity; preserving the integrity and constitutional ideals; and creating citizens and societies that reflect a certain noble and dignified nation.

Character Building and Nation Building

Character is a specific personal quality that may be assessed based on a person's adherence to human and societal standards and values. Losing character will result in the loss of the next generation. Character acts as a rudder and strength to keep any nation from hemming and hawing. Character does not come naturally; it must be developed and set up in order for a country to have dignity. So what does it take to build character?

  1. Strength and Gratitude: Gratitude is an emotional reaction and attitude toward life which a source of human strength in fostering one's own well-being and the well-being of others around them. It entails having a strong sense of thankfulness for life and expressing it, especially through taking the time to sincerely thank others. Gratitude encourages both internal and external drive to reciprocate, assisting people in achieving their objectives and overcoming obstacles.

  2. Open-mindedness and Faith: Faith and open-mindedness are conflicting in today's worldview. People have a propensity to see someone who professes faith as being quite closed-minded. The same reasoning applies to how tremendous open-mindedness can only be developed at the sacrifice of belief and faith. On one hand, a person's faith can act as a moral support from "within" during difficult times and is a lone companion during his or her journey through the difficult terrain. On the other hand, open-mindedness leads to a great deal of acceptance and accommodation of alternative opinions and people. When combined both faith and open-mindedness can create a unified, peaceful, and progressive society.

  3. Compassion and Courage: Kindness is made possible through compassion, which is also essential for sustaining and establishing social bonds and increasing social awareness. Although empathy (the ability to feel for another) and compassion are closely related, compassion is the desire to take action to end the suffering of others when it is experienced. The "glue that ties the world together" is compassion. It encourages individuals to assist others in need and advances humanity. Thoughtful self-treatment and avoiding self-criticism are the first steps in developing compassion for others. And when it comes to courage, keep in mind that you have a voice; utilise it. Seize the occasion. Stop limiting yourself. Recognize that you have much to contribute towards society and nation, and that the moment has come to share your ideas and opinion with the world.

The ability of a person with a strong character to endure life's absurdities is its greatest benefit of character building. The difficulties of life do not destabilise a person with a strong character. He or she gains more composure and is able to focus undistractedly on the activity they have selected. This serves as the main cornerstone for a society's and nation’s ability to flourish.  For the development of national character, building individual character is most important. 

Expressing your patriotism

“Saare Jahan se Accha Hindustan Humara;

Hum Bulbulian Hai Isski Yeh Gulsitan Humara”

True patriots never advocate killing; rather, their goal is to protect, serve, and preserve their nation, even if it means giving their own life in the process. In order to express our patriotism and love towards our nation, we can reflect on what we have achieved in last 75 years of Independence. It can the best way to pay our tribute to all the freedom fighters and inspiring leader who have worked tremendously hard to make India proud and stand where it is today.

Show your patriotism by:

  • Learning the Preamble; and understanding meaning of each phrase;

  • Knowing Constitutional Rights and Duties; and respecting that of others;

  • Imbibing democratic values;

  • Being a responsible citizen; work for our society’s and nation’s development;

  • Visit places and pay tribute to national heroes who are significant to Indian history and freedom struggle;

  • Appreciate the diversity of our country and learn a new language from 22 official language of India.

What is the Role of a Psychologist in Building Character and patriotism?

Psychology and Psychologist plays big role in building the character of the nation, the Defence forces have played a great role in selection of forces and building the character of its people. The history of psychology of nations also explains its relation to attitudes, propaganda, warfare techniques, stress tolerance, officer like qualities of defence personnel and also mental health. Psychology has an influence & role in building the character of the nation. The character of any nation may be influenced in both small and large quantities by principles of psychology. A person's attitude may form a separate identity in a nation. According to Prof (Dr) R K Suri, Clinical Psychologist,  “national character” “is the enduring nature, characteristics and unique pattern life styles found among the populations of particular national states and every country strive to nurture it”.

The application of Psychology in building the character and patriotism, can make use of following:

  1. Introducing Character and Value education School Curriculum from early child hood.

  2. Inculcating Happiness & Entrepreneurship minds set Curriculum in school.

  3. Building good Attitude and Values for respect to tenants of democracy and pride in nation.

  4. Inculcating respect for Heroism amongst all.

  5. Having mass leader’s engagement in promoting and popularizing national flag, animal. Tree, sports etc. 

The best online counselling platform of India has top clinical psychologists, who counsel its citizen by inculcating positive psychology principles build character, values and personality.


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