How to Resolve Marital Conflicts?

How to Resolve Marital Conflicts?

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Conflict is inevitable wherever there are two or more people present. There will be variations in beliefs or opinions. Some people might concur up to a degree, while others would just completely disagree. If the situation is not resolved, it could lead to arguments and damage the two people's relationship. According to Dr (Prof) R K Suri, Best Online Marriage Counsellor & Relationship Coach in India, “when marital conflicts pile up, spouses don’t regret what they didn’t say, holding your tongue, until God has a hold your heart is to increase compassionate listening and minimizing marriage conflict”.This is why it is essential to be knowledgeable about different conflict resolution strategies that can assist resolve problems and prevent relationships or companionship from ending. Seeking impartial non-judgmental Online Counselling with the best “Marriage Counselor near me” would be of great help in resolving the conflicts.

Let's examine a few of these methods-

1. It is not about being right or winning

Conflicts typically arise when one or both parties are seeking to prove their point or win an argument. While it is true that one must speak up for what is right, there are moments when it is also vital to let go.

When you're in a disagreement, you have to decide what's more important to you: maintaining your companionship with the other person or winning the disagreement and showing your perspective is correct.

Accept defeat if you believe it will enable you to preserve a positive relationship with your significant other.

After all, making a point isn't necessarily the main goal.

2. Remain composed

The only quality that is challenging to preserve throughout a disagreement is composure. However, it is a preventable method of resolving disputes. It goes without saying that when you're arguing with someone, you'll go crazy and says or does things you'd never intended to.

Sadly, some actions cannot be reversed. So, keep your composure no matter what happens. You'll be able to reason more clearly and avoid saying or doing things that you'll later regret.

This makes it one of the most crucial dispute-resolution strategies.

3. Steer clear of it whenever you can

The main motivation for getting into conflict is to participate in it.

Avoidance is a key dispute resolution tactic since it ensures your safety once you are no longer involved. Even if it can be challenging at times, avoiding conflict is something that must be done. It would take a lot of restraint and discernment, but it would be preferable to avoid the conflict if you want to keep your relationship strong and don't want to damage it in any way. Avoid getting into a fight by focusing your thoughts and attention on something more important.

4. Show imagination

Avoid being duped by the obvious. Every problem has a solution, always.

One only needs to look for it. Make sure you have a unique fix for the issue. Think creatively and give facts or numbers that would change people's minds about you if you want to persuade them. Make sure you are aware of when to bow and when to speak louder.

Creativity is yet another and one of the most important methods for resolving disputes. You can escape unpleasant circumstances with ease and without being impacted by them if you just speak with confidence.

5. Pay attention but don't react

This is a typical error that people make, making it a crucial approach for resolving disputes.

When there is an argument, most of the time we listen to respond rather than to understand. At that point, our natural reaction is to immediately respond to the individual rather than attempt to comprehend their argument.

Things will be simple for us once we start listening to comprehend. We would begin to consider their viewpoint and be able to confront them simply.

6. Bringing up issues diplomatically

It is acknowledged that you must present an argument to support your position. However, it also matters how you present your argument.

Your argument will fall flat if you are shouting and raising your voice without any backing. Making notes of the key points to be presented in an argument and presenting them diplomatically are crucial.

You don't have to yell or be hostile toward the other person. Simply and diplomatically stating the facts is all that is required.

If you can pull that off, you'll not only win the debate but also get the respect of your opponents.

7. Don't engage in finger-pointing

Avoiding the blame game is one of the key conflict resolution strategies. With every one of us, it occurs. When we are arguing, we quickly begin blaming one another for the deficiency or issue.

We fail to recognize that playing the victim card will not help you win the debate or find a workable solution to the issue. It would be fruitless.

Therefore, stop assigning blame and start concentrating on what is crucial and the crux of the debate.

8. Future-oriented

Find the cause of your disagreement and attempt to resolve the issue at hand. You don't want the dialogue to end without finding a solution to the problem. So, set objectives. Don't dwell on the past; instead, concentrate on the future. Make sure your attention is totally directed toward the eventual result.

9. Pose the proper question

In terms of conflict resolution strategies, this is essential. If you want the proper response, you must ask the right question. Sometimes people ask the wrong question, leading to a new course for the topic and wasting the entire meeting. Therefore, start asking the proper questions if you want the appropriate response. Prior to the meeting, prepare and have confidence in your ability to ask those questions.

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Contributed By- Dr. (Prof.) R.K. Suri, Marriage Counsellor & Relationship Coach Ms. Varshini Nayyar, Counselling Psychologist


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