Sexual elder abuse

Physical contact was made without the old person's consent. Sexual elder abuse includes not just actual sex acts but also behaviors like viewing pornographic material with an elderly person, making them witness sex acts, or making them undress.

Warning signs

  • Bruises on the genitalia or breasts.
  • Undiagnosed vaginal or anal bleeding
  • Underwear that is torn, discoloured, or bleeding.
  • Difficulty in walking and sitting
  • Unexplained STDs and infections


How Online Counselling can be helpful?

The abuse victim may find it challenging to recognize this type of abuse. It might be incredibly confusing when both parties have had or are presently having consensual sexual relations. Sexual abuse is compelling another person to engage in any sexual activity, including touching or physical contact. Sexual violence or abuse frequently coexists with other types of abuse, notably physical abuse. We provide complete assurance of confidentiality for online counselling. Our counselling sessions can aid in your self-esteem recovery by encouraging you to think back on previous violent relationships, incidents of domestic violence, and even family abuse.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any forceful or uninvited sexual contact with an older adult is elder sexual abuse. This could involve intrusive sex, penetration, or non-contact behavior like sexual harassment, inappropriate touch, or molestation. Any sexual interaction with an elderly person who cannot express their disapproval of the behavior towards them or their disagreement with the activity due to mental illness or any other reason can be considered elder sexual abuse. To take care of your mental health and cope with the trauma of sexual abuse, connect with the top psychologist in India at TalktoAngel.
Members of the family or other nursing care staff members should notify the police if there is any reason to believe that an elder has been sexually abused. You could want legal assistance if a loved one or someone you care for is displaying indicators of abuse or neglect. Visit (NCW) helplines to get assistance, or report the incident to the local police station.
Sexual abuse affects individuals for a long time who have experienced sexual trauma. People who have experienced abuse can think about online counselling to help themselves heal and move forward in life. As a caring individual, you can help sexual abuse victims get online therapy and deal with the aftereffects of the abuse in a way that is convenient for them.

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